Purse Hangers – Handbag Hooks

When I first got my purse hanger a few years ago, I loved the idea but didn’t use it regularly. I did look for one that folds up nicely rather than the kind that has a long hook that doesn’t fold (which to me seems like it would poke holes in the bottom of my purse or get bent). Now that I’ve started using mine, I really don’t go out without it. I even took it with me to Africa, where I got a few puzzled looks, but in the end people seemed to be intrigued.

Example of purse hanging from counter

Purse holders are great because they fold up fairly small and compact to carry in your handbag, and when you’re in a restaurant, coffee shop or even at home, you can use it to hang your purse. Hanging it next to you while you’re out helps to keep your purse secure, rather than hanging it on the back of your chair or setting it on the floor or booth near you where someone could come along and swipe it with one quick motion. It’s easily within reach when you need something and it gives you more room on your chair, booth or lap.

You might think that your purse or bag is too heavy for it, but in some ways the heavier the better. More weight puts more pressure on the top that is gripping the table and helps it to stay in place. If you have a super long strap and a low table you might have to get creative with how you hang your bag.

Another great benefit is that it helps to keep those nasty germs off the bottom of your purse and more importantly from your table! I know I don’t want to eat something off the table where my purse has just been sitting. We’ve all heard about the millions upon millions of germs and other nasty things that grace the bottom of our handbags!

The bottom of the purse hanger is black rubber which helps it to grip the table or countertop. The silver hanger part rotates and folds so it is nice and compact. I keep mine in my purse in a small organza drawstring bag so I can find it easily and it stays folded. And you can find many pretty styles both in my Etsy shop, here in the product section, and from other sellers online or at other venues. Originally mine was plain on top, but I’ve since added a great purple cabochon to the top that is pretty on the table and fits my personality.

Black faceted purse hanger (glass top) – $10.00

Example: bottom of purse hanger (black rubber helps grip counter or table top)

To be perfectly honest, I have found a couple of tables that don’t work well with this because they’re either too thick or too rounded or both, but the majority of tables and counters work just fine.

The purse hangers make great gifts, whether for Christmas or other special occasions. They’d be a great bridesmaid gift or thank you gift! One customer got her Christmas shopping done and bought 25 of them in different colors to give to everyone on her list.

Do you use a purse hanger? What are your thoughts? I’d love to hear from you!

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One Response to Purse Hangers – Handbag Hooks

  1. Jill says:

    When I remember that I have one in my purse and use it, I like it a lot. I am not trying to squeeze it on the chair with me, hanging it on the chair, or putting it on the dirty floor. Well worth the investment!

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