Bookmarks – still used or a thing of the past?

With the ever increasing popularity of e-readers (whether it be Kindle, Nook, iPad or other sources) and audio-books, the number of people reading real, honest-to-goodness paper bound books seems to be dwindling. I have to admit that I’m sometimes one of them.

While there is something to be said for holding that book in your hand and being able to flip through it, to go back to a spot to reread something or even to be able to see the spelling of unfamiliar words, there’s something attractive about e-books. My husband greatly appreciates the fact that now when I read in bed, most of the time I’m reading a book electronically. No more noisy page turnings or light blaring in his face. And clearly having multiple books on one single device, particularly when traveling, is a great benefit.

However, I recently read a book for my book group that I had borrowed from the library as a download, and I totally forgot that near the beginning of the book was a map that I could have referenced back to while reading. Not so easy to do on an e-book. I also like to listen to books on my iPod, particularly when I can hear the proper pronunciation of words that are unfamiliar to me (especially when the author is also the narrator), but then I sometimes can’t grasp the spelling and feel like I’m missing out.

I have made several beaded bookmarks the past few years but don’t find that they are selling as well as in the past. I’m just curious to know if they are still something worthwhile. My angle is that even if you don’t use one to read right now, they do look pretty when hanging in a book on your bookshelf or laying on the coffee table. Most people have some favorite reads that they’ll never get rid of, and who doesn’t like to look smart by having a bookshelf full of books? They make great gifts for teachers, book clubs, graduates, etc. We’ll never stop reading, but on the flip side we’ll never stop the progression of technology. Maybe instead of traditional bookmarks, there’s a way to come up with “Kindle bling” sort of like a cell phone charm?

My question is this – do you still read paper books, and do you still use bookmarks? What style do you prefer? Below are a few examples of ones I’ve made, but of course there are tons of styles out there (from pieces of scrap paper to ribbons and more). I’d  love for you to weigh in on the topic!

Long Gold Bookmark with Orange, White & Black ($7.00) - would be great in school or team colors!

Example of how corded bookmark lays top to bottom in center of book

Ribbon bookmark with beaded ends

Example of a beaded clip style bookmark

With upcoming gift giving occasions, including Mother’s Day, graduations, weddings and more, consider giving a gift of a special book paired with a lovely bookmark. How about a cookbook and a cooking themed bookmark? They would be great graduation gifts (maybe in school colors?) to remind the graduate to never stop reading.

Help keep the “real” book tradition alive!

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1 Response to Bookmarks – still used or a thing of the past?

  1. Jill says:

    I think I’d like the original gold bookmark but I also would love to try the corded bookmark which might not fall out as easily if the books if dropped or if little hands get to it. I’ll be sure to order some when I come visit this summer!

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