Medical ID Bracelets and Watch Bands

A friend’s mom got me started making stretchy medical ID bracelets. She needs to have an ID on at all times to alert medical personnel to her particular issues should an emergency arise. Until then, I had been using similar bands for my watches, enabling me to change them out whenever I wanted, but this was a new idea for me.

Stretch band interchangeable medical ID bracelet with clear and light blue glass beads and gold accents - on Etsy

My mom also decided to get one of the bracelets after she had surgery and now cannot have blood draws, blood pressure cuffs, etc. used on her right arm.

There are several choices for medical ID bracelets, but they both went with a stainless steel plate that is engraved with their personal information (they used but you can do an internet search to find many options). You can choose a generic one, or have it personalized with a little or a lot of information. The companies that sell them typically sell the interchangeable bracelets to go with them, but sometimes they’re not in a style, color or size that suits your needs.

StickyJ blank ID tag - just one of many styles available - but similar to what my mom and my friend's mom ordered

Double row of blue iris seed beads - thin and comfortable for everyday use

For everyday use, my mom and my friend’s mom decided that the smaller seed beads were more comfortable (think about leaning your wrist on a table, etc.) but they also wanted some that are a bit more dressy or fun.

Stretchy bracelet with small glass beads in clear, green, aqua and accented with red and silver

Stretchy Band made with silver plated and dark grey glass pearl beads - a bit more dressy and maybe not as comfortable for daily wear - but fun!

Smaller beads in fun "girly" colors for medical ID bracelet

These interchangeable bands can be a fun and affordable way to accessorize while still keeping the needful information close at hand (pardon the pun!).

One of my first interchangeable watch bands that I'm still wearing today - bright pink, clear and silver

These can be custom designed to your preferred colors and sizes. Please contact me if you would like to design your own medical ID bands or watch bands. I’d be happy to make something just for you. Once you have your plate with the information on it, we can work on the measurements to determine the best length band for you.

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3 Responses to Medical ID Bracelets and Watch Bands

  1. susanjbaer says:

    I see this is posted from a year ago; do you still have bracelets available for medical ID purposes?

    • Hi. Yes, I do still make them. I generally do them on a custom basis. Everyone needs a different size and color so I have found it easiest to work directly with the customer on the details. If you would like, please use the contact link here on my blog and send me your email so I can get in touch with you. Thanks!


      • susanjbaer says:
        I like the iris seed beads look but am interested in finding a couple different bracelets. I will need to order the medical alert ID tags. My wrist measures 5.5 ” with a tape measure, 6 ” would be a comfortable size bracelet for me total that would give me a little sliding room without being too loose or too tight

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