Flexible Wire Jewelry – How to Store

In an effort to try to help keep your flexible wire jewelry free of unwanted kinks and bends, I’ve put together a few pictures to help guide you in how to safely store and travel with those pieces. I’d love your feedback on it – does it make sense? Do you have a different method?

Step 1 - hold in both hands with palms facing you

Step 2 - flip right hand over so figure 8 forms, leaving your left hand as it was in step 1

Step 3 - fold figure 8 sort of like a book so that it's now a stacked 0

Step 4 - slide into zipper top bag for storage

When you place the necklace into the plastic storage bag, be sure that the piece is completely dry first (you don’t want to have just wiped it off with a damp cloth, or have just worn it on a hot summer day, for example).  If you have other pieces that match, such as earrings or a bracelet, I would recommend placing them in a smaller bag inside the larger one so they don’t tangle but they’re easy to find when you’re trying to match. Then place the plastic bag safely in your dresser drawer or among something soft like clothes in your suitcase so it doesn’t get damaged by other travel items.

When choosing a plastic bag, go larger rather than smaller. You don’t want it rolled up tightly for long term storage so that when you take it out again it’s all coiled and doesn’t want to resume its shape.

Of course you can always choose to hang your necklace on hooks or hangers with your other jewelry, but I find that this style of necklace in particular will tangle with other chains and necklaces very easily and cause you many wasted moments trying to get them apart.

This method may also be used with similarly made items such as rosaries, lanyards, etc. that are all strung together on a wire rather than separate bead links.

Beaded lanyard made on flexible wire - should be stored similarly to the method above so it doesn't get kinks

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2 Responses to Flexible Wire Jewelry – How to Store

  1. michael cashman says:

    I just dropped off a rosary I bought on EWTN and paid almost 100.00 for and has broken three or four times, The lady informed me the way and wire used was cheaply done and said it would be re-done correctly and guaranteed not to break under normal daily use for $100.00 does this seam about right to you??
    Regards Michael Cashman Houston

    • Hi Michael. I really am not sure – it sounds high to me but I don’t know without seeing it how it is constructed, what kind of wire was used, etc. Where did you take it to have it redone?


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