Extender Chains

Have you ever been frustrated when you want to wear a necklace and it’s just too short? Maybe it fits fine during the warmer months without as much bulky clothing, but when it comes time to wear jewelry over your turtlenecks and sweaters your choices become limited. Sometimes it’s also nice to have a longer chain during the summer to wear over collared shirts (even though I make jewelry, I don’t like to wear necklaces very often during the hot and sticky months – unless I can wear it over a collared shirt!).

This is where a necklace extender chain comes in handy! It’s simply a short piece of chain with a clasp at one end. Use it to hook between the ends of your necklace.

Necklace extenders – colors shown from top to bottom are nickel tone, bright silver, gold and bright copper

Typically they are 2-3 inches in length but custom extender chains can be ordered if you need a bit more wiggle room. With the 2-3 inch chains, you can clasp it shorter if you wish (maybe you only need 1 inch – the rest will just hang down the back of your neck).

Extender shown clasped using part of the length (the clasp on the left in the photo and the chain hanging down)

Extender show using the full length of the chain (extender clasp is on the left in the picture with the end of it being clasped on the right with the necklace clasp)

They are available for $0.50 each plus shipping (and tax if shipped to someone in Minnesota) and they come in a variety of colors – bright silver, nickel tone silver, gold, gunmetal (or black), copper, antique copper, antique gold, antique silver, etc. If you are interested, please let me know. At that price, you may want to have more than one color or size on hand! If you are ordering something through my Etsy shop and would like to order one or more necklace extender, let me know prior to placing your order and I’ll add them to your item’s cost. You may also be able to find them in the jewelry making section of your local craft store in a limited amount of colors.

I hope this helps you get more use out of the jewelry that you don’t wear as often as you’d like!


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