Campfire Sausage and Eggs

Even though the summer is winding down, I wanted to share one of our favorite camping recipes. Many people have pie makers to use over the campfire to make pies, of course, but pie makers are so versatile. Just check out the recipes available online, on Pinterest and in recipe books. In addition to making sweet treats, we like to make warm sandwiches, pizza pockets, etc. However, the thing that I love the most is sausage and eggs.

Typically, when you think of using your campfire pie iron, you think of buttering two slices of bread, putting the buttered sides facing the iron, and filling the middle with sweet or savory ingredients. For sausage and eggs though, no bread is involved.

First, you need to build a good fire with lots of hot coals. My husband is a pyro at heart, so he can build a great campfire just about anywhere. Then, we heat up the irons over the fire.

Getting both halves of the pie iron warmed up and ready for cooking

We have the harder-to-find double pie makers, so we’re able to make 3 sausages and 2 eggs. If you have the smaller irons, I’d suggest 2 sausages and 1 egg. Once the iron is hot, we take 3 breakfast sausages (we like Little Sizzlers, but any similar sausage will do) and cook them in the iron with it closed. Break them apart as you put them in – as we’ve found out from experience it’s more difficult to separate them once they’re cooked and everything is hot.

Flip the iron once in a while, using caution because if you don’t flip it fast enough some of the grease will come running out and cause a flare up. Once the sausages are cooked and browned to your liking, open up the pie maker. If you prefer, you can dump out a little bit of the grease, but be sure to leave plenty in there so the eggs don’t stick. Caution on the side of too much grease – just burn a few extra calories during the day hiking or swimming to make up for the fat content – this is not a low calorie breakfast after all!

Using caution, and a fork, move the sausages so that they are lined up, one on each end, and one in the middle. Carefully crack an egg into each of the open spaces between the sausages. Season with salt and pepper and replace the cover. CAUTION – DO NOT FLIP THE PIE MAKER. If you do, you will have a mess of eggs stuck everywhere. You want to put the iron back over the fire and keep the heat trapped inside until the eggs are cooked to your liking, but not over-easy.

Sausage and eggs cooked in a double pie maker over the campfire.

Then take a plate, hold it up to the pie iron and carefully dump the sausage and eggs out onto the plate so they are upside down. Then take another plate and put it on top, and flip back over right side up.

Enjoy with toast cooked over the campfire or on a campstove, juice, fruit and whatever else you like. Mmmm…this is making me hungry! Gonna have to go build a campfire and cook this soon.

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One Response to Campfire Sausage and Eggs

  1. Carol says:

    Great idea! I’m going to keep this in mind for camping next year! 🙂

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