It’s the time of year for…egg nog!

It’s the Christmas season which means it’s time for egg nog! As I was growing up we’d have small glass of it on Christmas Eve. I sometimes started drinking it as we were decorating the Christmas tree just after Thanksgiving. That way I could enjoy it leading up to Christmas.

Egg Nog

Egg Nog


At some point, I had one of the egg nog shakes at one of the fast food joints, and I liked that because the egg nog actually was cold! Even if you take it straight from the fridge and drink it right away, it never seems really cold (yes, I think my husband has had some influence on my noticing that fact!). However, I really don’t go to fast food places very often (especially “that” one) so I decided to make my own shakes at home with vanilla ice cream. I would mix vanilla ice cream and egg nog and enjoy. Once I tried that though I found it difficult to go back to drinking it plain. So, as my egg nog was sitting in the fridge longer I decided to cut to the chase and mix up a whole bunch of ice cream and egg nog and have my own egg nog ice cream (which did increase the cold factor even more than making a shake!).

20121223 egg nog ice cream

Egg Nog Ice Cream – vanilla ice cream + egg nog

The proportion doesn’t seem to matter too much if you’re going to refreeze it, except that the more liquid you have the harder it freezes. I’ve learned that once I mix it up, I shouldn’t put it on the quick freeze shelf in our freezer or it gets rock hard. It’s taken me a few years to remember that fact, since it is only once a year I make it. If I have to, I put it in the microwave for a few seconds to soften it, or if I have the patience (NOT!) I let it sit out awhile first.

Now that I have been drinking chai tea on a regular basis, I have tried the egg nog version at some coffee shops. It’s a tasty alternative for this time of year. So this year, my new invention was freezing the egg nog into small ice cube trays (I have some mini dorm fridge type trays) and then I can pop a cube into my hot chai tea whenever I want. I’m sure it would work with coffee too, but I’m not going to be trying that anytime soon! I love the smell of coffee but really don’t the taste of it! Steamed milk with egg nog sounds good too.

Egg nog ice cubes - for putting into whatever cold or hot beverage you wish

Egg nog ice cubes – for putting into whatever cold or hot beverage you wish

I found it difficult to get the cubes out of the tray since they’re somewhat sticky, so I ran the back side under hot water for a few seconds, doing my best to keep the water off of the cubes. That worked really well and they popped out of the tray easily.

How do you enjoy your egg nog? Plain, with a little shot of rum or brandy, as a shake or …? Or do you really dislike it? I know people are pretty much on one side or the other of the egg nog debate – love it or hate it.

Merry Christmas!


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3 Responses to It’s the time of year for…egg nog!

  1. I love egg nog! For the first time this year, I tried pumpkin egg nog, and I think I’m addicted. So good! 🙂

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