Love with Actions – Kigali

In my continuing effort to help women in Rwanda, I’d like to take a minute to introduce you to a friend of mine, Gilbert. He and his wife Esther have created a foundation in Kigali called Love With Actions (LWA). This faith-based organization is focused on helping children with disabilities in Rwanda and their families (most often single mothers and other siblings). In Rwanda, children with disabilities are frequently treated with little to no respect. Gilbert and Esther are doing their part to change that, and I’m happy to be able to spread the word about their work.

Gilbert has shared stories with me about a few of the young boys who are receiving life-changing medical care and surgeries for things like club foot, spina bifida and more. Jackson and Aime are undergoing surgeries and treatments now that will help them to live better lives. Ildephonse, pictured below, has recently undergone surgery. He was born without tibia bones in his legs, but thanks to Love With Actions, post-surgery he has been fitted with prosthetic legs.


This is Ildephonse before surgery. His lower legs were amputated in recent surgeries.


Now here is Ildephonse after surgery, standing on his new legs, with Gilbert.

In addition to helping the children, their mothers (along with other impoverished women in the community) are being trained to sew handbags and weave baskets. This important educational experience will help them to support themselves and their families. They’re making some wonderful products!

Please visit LWA’s website for more information. If you feel moved to donate, please do so. LWA operates as a 503c organization in the United States (in part with InFocus Ministries), so deductions within the U.S. are tax deductible. If you are not interested in donating, that is perfectly fine too. They would appreciate prayers, good thoughts, and help spreading the word about this important work for the children of Rwanda and their families.

Thank you Gilbert for your help to me personally (keeping me in touch with the women, and now children, in Rwanda), and for your help and love of them as well! Keep doing what you’re doing, and I will going to keep creating!

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3 Responses to Love with Actions – Kigali

  1. jeanmca says:

    How wonderful, Denise, to give such a good introduction to Gilbert, who is one of my dear Rwandan sons. I am so proud of him and Esther, and know that God is prospering their excellent work. Bless you in all you are doing to help people in need.

    • Thank you so much for the wonderful sentiments! Yes, Gilbert is special and doing great work for others. He and Esther are definitely making a difference in so many lives. I’m happy to be able to spread the word and help Love With Actions!

  2. Aimée says:

    God bless this family for positive thoughts, and he may strengthen Love With Actions,in Jesus name, Amen.

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