My name is Denise and I live in Minnesota. What started out in 2007 for me as a way to wear jewelry in colors and styles that best suited me has turned into a love of creating so many different items made with beads!

I began taking a couple of classes through my local community education programs and then practiced by making pieces to wear. It surprised me that I picked it up so easily because I had always considered myself more analytically minded and not particularly artistic. But then again, I have parents who are pretty handy with tools and I think some of that has rubbed off on me. As I started getting the hang of it, my friends and family asked me to make custom jewelry for them. Usually they helped pick out beads or styles and I took it from there.

Then I discovered that I could make other things with my ever growing collection of beads – bookmarks, lanyards, rosaries, wine glass charms, Christmas ornaments and more. What a great way to use up (and a great reason to buy more) beads and supplies!

I get my inspiration everywhere and sometimes in unusual places or situations. I may look at a pair of earrings and decide how I could take an aspect of it and make it my own. I get suggestions or questions from customers that get my creative juices flowing in another direction with new techniques, materials and end products. I go into stores and try to figure out new uses for everyday goods. Sometimes I may see something on someone on TV, while out shopping, even in the grocery store.

I’m continually learning about beading, colors, techniques and design. I appreciate all of the wonderful feedback, ideas and constructive criticism I receive from my customers, acquaintances and friends. I hope that my love for creating shows in everything that I make.

Please feel free to contact me with any new ideas you may have – I’m up for a challenge! If you have questions about something you’d like to know more about, leave me a comment or contact me.

I have a shop on Etsy where I have many, but not nearly all, of the pieces I have made. When it came time to give my shop a name, I have to give credit for the name Deeder the Beader to my husband. My parents have called me Deeder for a very long time and it just seemed natural to go with Deeder the Beader for my business. Please stop by to take a peek and to give me some feedback! Also check out the sold items – they may differ from what I currently have listed online.


I also sell my beaded items at a few local craft shows, and really enjoy meeting everyone in person, taking custom orders, selling items I have on hand, and getting feedback and ideas. I am now offering items here that are not listed in my Etsy shop. Please click here to see the product page (there are links to separate pages from there).

Thanks, and keep checking back for more posts.



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