Etsy Shop

Click to visit Deeder the Beader on Etsy

You’ll find the link here to visit my Etsy shop. I have many items in my shop, though I have many, many others that are not online. I also have sold several things that may not currently be online, so be sure check out the sold items link as well once you get to the storefront.

Contact me if you see something you like but need a different color, size, quantity, etc. I’m happy to accommodate special requests whenever possible.

Keep me in mind if you have upcoming wedding plans. I have sold several custom sets of necklaces, earrings and bracelets for bridal parties. They make for a unique and very personal addition to the bridal party.

2 Responses to Etsy Shop

  1. David says:

    Howdy, you know I have FIVE neices – I should be able to find something, you’d think 😉

  2. It would make your Christmas shopping easy and keep you out of the stores! Thanks for checking it out.

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